4D Waterproof Tattoo Sticker

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Customise your tattoos in a pain-free way with our 4D Waterproof Sticker now! Unlike permanent tattoos, you can freely add and change any designs that you want within minutes! Whether you like tattoos in monochrome or vibrant colors, the option with these papers is endless.Works well with all kinds of inkjet printers, it gives you high-quality stickers without fallouts and cracks. These waterproof stickers are adhesive to your skin that lasts up to a week! 


  • Customise your tattoos. With our transfer papers, you can easily create customised tattoos without any commitments. Let‚Äôs add some festive touch for the coming holidays!
  • Print any designs you like with our transfer paper!
  • Quick & Painfree. Only 3 steps to create body arts on your body within minutes. Print out the design with the paper and apply it on your skin without going through the needle pain!
  • Works well with all inkjet printers such as Canon, HP, Brothers to give you premium-quality stickers!
  • Strongly Adhesive. Worry-free to use it¬†for parties¬†as it sticks on your skin without any fallouts or cracks!
  • Anti-fading & long-lasting. These waterproof papers help to lock the vibrant colors that last up to a week.
  • Skin-friendly.¬†
  • Removable¬†with alcohol or baby oil without excess scrubbing.


  • Print out the design on the printing paper, and wait until dry.
  • Place the adhesive side right over the printing paper
  • Apply it on your body with a wet sponge or towel
  • Wait for 3 minutes &¬†peel off the paper
  • You're all set!


  • 1PC x Printing Paper ( A4 Size)
  • 1PC x Adhesive Sticker ( A4 Size)