Algae Repellent Agent

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Instantly eliminate excessive algae, chlorella & moss while turning the pond into crystal-clear water with the Algae Repellent Agent.

This cleaner reduces odor while balancing algae and micro-organisms which significantly improves the health and life-span of your beloved fishes.

Cleaning your pond has never been easier before, for this is the most cost-effective, sustainable, safest natural way of maintaining the clean water into your ponds!


Effective Purifier 
Eliminates excessive moss, algae, and other micro-organisms which turns your water cloudy and unsightly.
Reduce and Control Algae Existence 
It b
reaks down dead algae and digests leaves and grass clippings and rocks turning the water in your ponds into crystal-clear!
Safe & Efficient
It made of safe, non-organic & non-toxic compounds, which does not cause harm to fish's ecosystem & life span.
Fast & Easy to Apply
No need to manually remove dirt;  eliminate unwanted moss at high speed and efficiency and control algae growth in the water.


  • Product Weight: 50 g


  • Algae Repellent Agent