Anti Clog Silicone Sink Strainer

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Introducing the most cost saving, perfect Anti-Clog Flexible Sink Strainer! Just pull our sink strainer to let you stay away from clogging trouble forever!Those tiny drain holes help you drain off all liquid, sewage & solid waste no matter the size! You will need no more size calculation because it just fits all sinks!Made of soft silicone which is safe for your hands, this smart strainer effectively catches all hair, food scraps, kitchen waste, and lets you pull the handle for thorough cleaning! So it's super easy to clear dirty debris with no touching!


  • No More Clogging!
    Stay away from the clogging trouble! Micro holes helps you drain off all sewage, & block out small & large waste no matter the size!
  • Easy Clean in 1 Pull!
    Just in seconds, simply flip over the soft, flexible silicone handle for easy waste disposal!
  • Safe for Your Hands
    Made of convenient, high-quality silicone handle, this stain resistant strainer lets you clear the waste with ease, and prevents you from touching dirty debris directly!
  • Trap Small Debris Effectively
    Durable silicone basket catches all hair, food scraps, kitchen waste, lets you flip inside out for thorough cleaning. No more accidental cuts with sharp edges because of those common steel strainer
  • All Sinks & Drains
    It's flexible to install on all drainers! Sleek silicone underside won’t scratch your sink


  • Material: Food-grade PP
  • Size: Diameter Approx. 11cm
  • Color: Pink, Beige, Blue, Green


  • 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 x Anti-Clog Flexible Sink Strainer