Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

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Say goodbye to discolored, cracked toenails &
Go barefoot with confidence!

Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray is specifically formulated to eliminate toenail fungus, treat infections and improve the appearance of thick, cracked nails in 1 Week.Intensive healing formula penetrates nail bed to alleviate inflammation, reduce pain and prevent recurrence of fungus to other nails. It is a safe, effective home remedy to go barefoot with confidence!


  • Anti-fungus
    Effectively eradicates fungus on toe nails, nail beds, and cuticles, as well as solving foot odor caused by fungus.
  • Anti-Inflammation
    Relieve pain instantly and prevent recurrence of fungus to other clean nails.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply spray it 3-4 times a day on affected areas after shower.
  • Quick & Visible Results
    Fast, effective home remedy that gives you visible results within 2 weeks. (Individual results may vary)
  • Safe & Skin-Friendly
    Chemicals-free and non-invasive. Regular use hydrates skin and prevent cracked feet.
  • Portable
    You can use the fungus treatment for nails anytime and anywhere. 


  • Net weight: 60ml


  • 1 / 3 x Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray