Anti Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch

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This Anti Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch will instantly help you ensure and maintain activating cells, relieving them from pain, and attaining a better sleeping way! A great reliever for all people, especially with those under great stress and foot pain!
Perfectly sticks and is applicable on foot and other part of your body, including back, knees, elbows, and more. Cleans your foot dispelling harmful substance which accumulated in your body. 
Eliminate the cold caused by pain and other stressful activities on your day with these simple patch. An ideal patch that will boost an instant muscle relaxer!


• Reduces Foot Inflammation
No more pain throughout the night cause these pads can exfoliate your feet, leaving your soles smoother and creamier to reduce inflammation.
• Easily Removes Body Toxins when Sleeping
Works well even when you sleep, improves health functionality, and eliminates fatigue and body toxins to provide warmth on your feet throughout the night!
• Regulates Blood Circulation & Metabolism
Composed with ginger powder, dextrin, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant viber, anion powder, chitosan to promote and give a 100% improved body circulation and metabolism.
• Gives a Healthy Improved Body Resistance
Made with only high-quality raw materials, quality tested and certified by the world's top testing agencies to provide a healthier living and safe long-time reuse.
• Anti-Slip Comfortable Material
Gives a firm protective paper material even on a 6-8 hours use, giving the best results and stable sticking.
• Easy to Use
Easy usage, just remove the pad sticker and paste it on foot (or other body part) before you go to bed and wake up in the morning to feel the benefits.
• Multifunctional
Will give a relaxing rest, relieving your pain after a long day at work. Easy paste on foot, elbow, back, arms, hips, legs, and so on to give comfort and relaxation.

• Compatibility: Universal
• Item Form: Pad

• Anti Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch x 1 Pack
• Anti Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch x 2 Packs
• Anti Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch x 3 Packs