Bring It Up Breast Lifter

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Enjoy perky, youthful breasts without looking droopy when going braless!

Bring It Up Breast Lifter offers instant lifting around breasts by accelerating lipid storage to assist in increase of breast volume. 

It boosts collagen production and helps overstretched ligaments in the breasts to regain elasticity, making your breasts tight and firm.

The patches supports breasts like a natural bra:

  • Achieve a naturally fuller, firmer,¬†perkier breasts

  • Perfect boost for sagging skin after weightless¬†or pregnancy
  • Increase lipid storage to regain fat to assist in increase of volume
  • Regain¬†skin elasticity to assist in increase of firmness
  • Tightens stretch marks and wrinkles

  • Visible results in 15-30 minutes and permanent improvement¬†with¬†continual use
  • Hypoallergenic for all skin types
  • ¬†Ingredients: Plant-based Fat-trapping Collagen,¬†Premium Breast Enhancement Essential Oils
  • 1 Set - 4pcs
  • 3 Sets - 12pcs
  • Complete Treatment 10 Sets - 40pcs