Cement Caulking Pump

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💭Troubled with tiring caulk construction to fill the gaps?✅It’s time to start over using Cement Caulking Pump!🚫Just squeeze into all kinds of joints with no force over the place.✌⏰💰Cut corners & feel the revolutionary sealing power now.💪


  • Redefine DIY Caulking like an Expert
Leave old cement shovel & caulk gun behind

  • Squeeze Cement with No Sweat

    Syringe design helps eject cement without force

  • Seal All Joints Flawlessly

    Flexible nozzles fill different gaps smoothly

  • Wide Application

    For brick wall, floor tiles, bath tub, stone wall and more!

  • Efficient & Powerful Pumping

    Vacuum pulls large amount of cement each time

  • Durable & Wear Resistant
Ultra strong ABS plastic & stainless steel


  1. Install suitable nozzle on Cement Caulking Pump.
  2. Dip into prep-cement & pull backward to load.
  3. Point onto desired location & push handle forward.


  • Material: ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Compatibility: Round & Flat Mouth Nozzles (Big & Small)


  • 1 x Cement Caulking Pump
  • 4 or 5 x Flexible Nozzles