Closet Jeans Organizer

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Say goodbye to the cluttered closet, and welcome your well-organized wardrobe!

Closet jeans organizer allows you to store your clothes neatly and quickly! Its large capacity is very suitable for storing just your pants but as well as t-shirts, blouses, or even towels. The dividers will also make your life more convenient, saving your time during selection!

We've got 2 different sizes available, depending on your needs. Made with high-quality fabric that helps reduce clothes odors and maintain freshness! It's very portable you can store it almost anywhere!


  • Space-saving
    Maximize your closet space! This organizer has a large capacity, you can store a lot of clothes in it.
  • Customize your closet!
    Its divider helps you sort the kinds of clothes you want to store in it. Garments can be seen at a glance!
  • Top-Notch Quality Fabric
    Made with durable soft and smooth mesh nylon with superb workmanship and delicate stitching. Its air-passable mesh ensures ventilation that helps reduce clothes odors and maintain freshness!
  • Washable
    This closet organizer's high-quality fabric makes it suitable for washing, drying, and ironing by hand or machine. It won't deform easily!
  • Foldable
    This can be folded when not in use, a great space-saver!
  • Versatile
    Not limited to pants, jeans or leggings; you can also use this for your undergarments, t-shirts, polos, blouses, or skirts!


  • Materials: Mesh + PP
  • Colors: White, Gray, Wizard Green
  • Type: 7-cell storage
  • Size of Jeans Organizer: 36cm x 25cm x 20cm
  • Size of Leggings Organizer: 36cm x 17cm x 12cm


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