Elegant Paisley Mat for Sugar Lace

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This elegant, multi-purpose and premium lace mat makes the sweetest dream comes true. Absolutely great professional tool to begin with. 🍰Instead of squeezing the icing bit by bit, peeling sugar lace off the mat is so easy. 🌸Not only does it work for cakes, but also delicious confectionery like cookies and chocolates. 🤤🍫🍪Made with washable and foldable fabric in different patterns, just embark baking creativity at home! 👩‍🍳


  • Magic Touch with Paisley Design
    Why bother to squeeze the icing? Just peel off the mat for floral sugar lace.
  • Make Sugar Lace Like a Pro
    Melt sugary mixture and apply on mat like a masterpiece.
  • Perfect for Any Desserts
    Lace cake, cookie or chocolate... Whatever desserts that pop up in mind.
  • Washable and Reusable
    Simply rinse the mat with water after use, and get ready for the next creation.
  • Premium Fabric in Different Patterns
    Flexible, foldable and ultra-soft mat ready for next sweet magic.


  1. Prepare your favorite sugary mixture. Syrup or melted chocolate will do!
  2. Spread sugary mixture evenly on the paisley mat, and let cool until the mixture hardens.
  3. Remove sugar lace gently.
  4. Decorate all kinds of desserts with the magic touch.


  • Material: Fabric
  • Pattern: Lace
  • Color: Purple


  • 1 x Elegant Paisley Mat for Sugar Lace