EverBlack™ Shampoo Bar

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Get Rid Of Grey Hair In One Wash!

🍃 Instantly restore your natural hair color without any dye! Regain your confidence back by looking and feeling younger again with this EverBlack™ Shampoo Bar.

🍃 Made of all-natural ingredients making it super safe, chemical-free, and non-toxicRestore a lustrous natural hair colour and bring you a shiny & vivid hair look in as little as 9 days! 

🍃 Infused with keratin protein complex to stimulate maximum blood flow and bring nutrients to repair damaged strands

Say goodbye to grey, damaged hair!


🍃 Reverse Grey & White Hair Naturally

Instantly transforms the grey and white hair to young and vivid again.

🍃 All-Natural Ingredients

Made of all-natural herbal ingredients. Non-toxic and chemical-free, darkening your hair while providing All-Rounded Hair Care.

🍃 Improve Hair Growth

Effectively prevents hair loss by promoting blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating the growth of hair follicles.

🍃 Anti-Dandruff

Wash away all of the excess oil and dirt from your scalp, leaving you with no grease and dandruff-free.

🍃 Advanced Hair Follicles Repair

This hair darkening shampoo bar targets and resolves the problem from the root by providing massive keratin to nourish damaged hair.

🍃 Lustrous & Shiny Hair

Magically restores and keeps the hair looking vivid and young; intensifies the hair color and preserves the brightness of hair color.

🍃 Suitable for All Hair Types

Perfect for both men and women.


 Material: Polygonum Multiflorum


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