Fleekin Adjustable Eyebrow Stencil

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Brows on Fleek in seconds!

The Fleekin Adjustable Eyebrow Stencil is upgraded with an adjustable frame to shape the perfect yet natural and symmetric eyebrows. No more weird brow shape with the standard stencil.

It's foldable and easy to carry around, fleekin eyebrows guaranteed whenever you go!


  • Brows On Fleek in Seconds
Create flawless brows with no fails and zero effort.
  • Adjustable Arch & Frame

    Create perfect yet natural eyebrows for all face and brow shape.
  • 3-in-1 Styling

    Perfect for beginners to shape high arch, soft arch or straight brows like professional makeup artists.
  • Easy to Apply
Fill in the frame and you are good to go. No makeup skill required!
  • Foldable
Travel-friendly, easy to carry around with you.


  • Dimension: 11cm x 10cm x7cm
  • Color: Pink, Black, White


  • 1 x Fleekin Adjustable Eyebrow Stencil