Hairadize Volumizing Hair Topper

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With our Hairadize Volumizing Hair Topper, a full head of hair isn’t a dream!
Made with premium synthetic fiber that mimics the look and feel of real hair. The thin micro skin base makes the hairpiece undetectable and offers a seamless, natural hairline.
The clip-on design allows better air circulation while wearing, keeps the hairpiece secure and it’s 100% wind-proof! It can be also permed or styled for a new, fresh look!


  • Premium Synthetic Hair
    Adds 80% volume to thinning hair with a seamless, natural finish. The ultimate solution for men who are fighting hair loss.
  • Natural Looking
    The fiber is designed to look and feel like natural hair. The hand-knotted design creates the appearance of natural hair growth.
  • Undetectable Hairline
    A micro skin base hair piece is undetectable and seamless which imitates real human scalp.
  • Wind-Proof
    Clip-ons keep the hairpiece in place under windy conditions.
  • Breathable
    Opening wefting in cap allows better air ventilation and provides coolness on scalp
  • Easy to Style
    Ready-to-wear, or styled with styling gel to enhance the look.


  • Material: Premium synthetic hair fiber


  • Hairadize Volumizing Hair Topper