InstantShine Tile Scratch Remover

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Easily, instantly remove all deep scratches on your tiles with just 1 wipe!Introducing InstantShine Tile Scratch Remover, our specialised formula restores all your tiles, sink, tub with no effort!Within seconds, clear stubborn chips, scratches, dents, defects on every inch of your tiles. No scrubbing is needed!Totally damage free! Blend evenly through the surface. Making surface look new & shiny!


  • Easy Tile Repair!
    With just 1 wipe, fix & restore all your tiles, sink, tub at home with no effort!
  • Instant Scratch Removal!
    Specially formulated to clear chips, scratches, dents, defects on your tiles. No scrubbing needed!
  • Damage Free
    Non-corrosive formula blends evenly through the surface. Make it brand new & shiny!
  • For All Tile Surfaces
    Perfect for all ceramic & porcelain surfaces! Like polished tiles, glazed tiles, floor tiles, toilet, sink, bathtub etc.

  • Long-lasting
    A must have to upgrade & refresh your tiles for years at home!


  1. Apply remover directly on scratch area, wait for 10 secs.
  2. Wipe off with wet cloth.
  3. For extra power on hard-to-remove marks, leave until the scratch disappears or repeat if needed.


  • Net Content: 50g / 260ml


  • 1 x InstantShine Tile Scratch Remover