Magic Cushion Nail Polish Pen

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Shine with fascinating salon-grade manicure easily with no mess!Thanks to the highly absorbent air cushion, painting on nails is really quick & tidy.Deliver high color payoff & bring in mirror or aurora finish depending on the style you love.Make a long-lasting magic twist on your nails now. Friendly for beginners!


  • Easy Paint with Cushion Brush
    Highly absorbent air cushion makes colouring so simple
  • No Mess with Quick Stroke
    Apply on nails smoothly & instantly
  • Salon-grade Glossy Manicure for Beginners
    Get the professional result even if you’re new to nail art
  • High Color Payoff & Dual Finish
    Make colorful full mirror finish or fancy aurora finish on nails
  • No Spill-out & Glitter Powder
    No need to dip in glitter powder like a mess
  • Last Half Month without Fading
    Stay on nails for a long time with no fading & chipping at all


  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Dip Magic Cushion Nail Polish Pen on nail & buff nail surface.
  3. Apply top coat.
  4. For better finish, cure in LED lamp for 30 secs.


  • Color: Rose, Jade, Violet, Lilac, Emerald, Bronze
  • Net Weight: 9g


  • 1 x Magic Cushion Nail Polish Pen