Magnetic Door Stopper

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Keep your doors open in a stable and silent way! This Magnetic Door Stopper is engineered with strong magnets to easily catch and hold doors!

Minimalist & Elegant Design! Just swing it open, and the magnet holds it gently open until you are ready to close it.
Either drill for the best stable, permanent result or use the 3M adhesive back for drill-free! Ultra strong-adhesive & durably last for years.


  • Auto-Stopper
    Automatically catch and hold door stably and without noice! 

  •  Strong Magnets
    Engineered with strong magnets to easily catch and hold the door stably even with a slight push. Also prevents your doors from slamming shut with integrated soft-catch doors technology, allowing you to stop and hold any doors softly and silently.
  • Multi-ways Installation
    Either drill for the best stable, permanent result or use the 3M adhesive back for drill-free, easy installation. Our adhesive is ultra strong enough to last for years, even with frequent door slamming.
  • Contemporary Design
    Modern, Minimalist and Elegant design to match with your home interior. Perfect to be installed to doors of bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, shop and more.
  • Premium Quality
    Rust-proof, solid and waterproof.


  • Size: 5.8cm
  • Color: Silver / Gold / Black / White

Package Includes:

  • 1 x door stopper
  • 2 x adhesive tapes
  • 4 x screws
  • 2 x plastic expansion screws