Multifunctional Hot Glue Sticks (10 PCS)

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Instantly repair your car dent or bond hard to stick surface easily with our hot glue sticks!
3 times stronger & more durable than normal glue, our incredibly tough, versatile glue sticks guarantee to vacuum your car dent without hurting your car paint.Immediately melt and provide extra long hold on all your surface. Grab yours now to repair your car & home easier than ever!


  • Easy, Strong Glue Repair!
    Bond hard-to-stick surface easily and quickly with a hot glue gun! Melt immediately and does not brittle once it hardens
  • Fix Car Dent Instantly!
    Strong pulling capacity guarantees to vacuum your car dent surface & hold securely for a safe firm lifting. No damage on your car paint!
  • 3X Super Adhesive Power
    This weather resistant, all temperature safe hot glue is 3 times stronger & more durable than normal glue, even those solvent-based adhesive!
  • Instant Drying
    Do not leave a sticky & messy surface after using the glue, so it brings you extra convenience & no hassle
  • Versatile Application
    Non-toxic which works perfectly on all your hard to bond surfaces like wood, metal, glass, fabric, foam, paper, plastic for simple car & home repair


  • Size: Approx. 150 x 10mm
  • Material: Synthetic Resin
  • Drying Time: 10 - 20 secs
  • Compatibility: <30W Hot Glue Gun


  • 10 x Multifunctional Hot Glue Sticks