Professional Car Scratch Repair Agent

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Easily fix your car scratches within seconds with Professional Car Scratch Repair Agent!Powerfully buff any blemish off without harming your car paint.Be impressed by a beautiful & high-polished finish right away. Stop spending money in garage.


  • Professionally Remove Scratch
    Restore original luster & color of your car with designed Car Scratch Repair Body Compound. Quickly fix decomposition & repair paint scratches with its active grind sand & filler ingredients. Easily remove oxidised film, stubborn dirt, paint spots, burr, color & ulster lacquer layer again on the surface
  • Easy Quick Repair
    Clear scratch area, remove dirt, wax, iron rust by squeezing sufficient cream on the sponge. Rub the scratches with sponge until they disappear, then wipe off the cream wax. Save lots of time & money, keep your vehicle shiny & clean with this advanced technology
  • Wide Application
    Perform very well on small & light scratches like fingernail scratches on door handles, slight scratches, lacquer damage, paint swirl after polishing & so on. Also clean asphalt, insect corpse stain & stubborn attachment etc. Super effective slight scratch remover at an reasonable price
  • All Car Paint Friendly
    This remover does not react with car paint chemically. Activate car paint surface with pure physical grinding, hence repair scratches without affecting original car paint. Free of any dyeing agent. Zero color difference as it never leaves any other color on your car’s original paint
  • All Colored Cars Suitable
    The Car Scratch Remover works excellently on your vehicle of any color, but kindly make sure there’s no plating crystal or paint protection film. Not suitable for deep & big scratches like expose primer, black plastic, big primer area or obvious cratering when touched with hands


  1. Wash & dry the paint.
  2. Extrude appropriate amount of paste.
  3. Wipe marks repeatedly.
  4. See the effect after grinding!


  • Material: Surfactant
  • Product Weight: 15g (Car Scratch Remover)
  • Total Package Weight: Approx. 31g


  • 1 / 2 / 3 x Car Scratch Remover
  • 1 / 2 / 3 x Grinding Sponge