Retractable Blade Keychain

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Introducing the Multi-Function Retractable Blade Keychain!
Perfect and well-built, making life simpler! With a keychain loop and retractable knife, that is compact and handy!

With a push button to store the ultra-sharp thickened blade inside the handle, this utility pocket knife is guaranteed safe to use and carry.

  • Compact & Handy
    Built with a keychain loop and retractable knife. Compact and handy multi-tool for daily necessities.
  • Elastic Keychain
    Elastic and durable keychain, made of TPU rubber material. Suitable for attaching keys, ensuring security and ease of access. Retractable blade keychain is a one-of-a-kind item. Perfect and well-built, making life simpler.
  • Convenient Everyday
    Simple and convenient regular use, allowing you to easily peel fruits, open doors, cut wood skin, unbox products, and more.
  • Self Defence Keychain
    You need such a tool on your keychain, which is unique, practical and will not take up more space. It is the best companion with you.
  • Small & Lightweight
    Small and lightweight, it can be clipped to a bag or stuffed into a pocket. A must-have life-saver tool in times of need.
  • Easy To Insert Keys
    Simple steps to follow! Simply open the cover, place the keys on the TPU rubber, and close the tail screw cover.


  • Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum/TPU Rubber
  • Color: Gold,Silver,Black,Rainbow

Package Includes:

  • 1x Retractable Blade Keychain