SHEDPal™ Pet Hair Vacuum

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😻The smart groom & massage robot for your furry friend.🐶😊With simple operation & discharge, remove dead hair comfortably for pets in seconds.🙌 💪No matter they are dogs, cats or rabbits… Keep them away from harmful ticks & fleas to stay healthy.🚫🕷🏠Get rid of messy pet hair on clothes & at home!👕


  • Groom + Massage Pets Easily

    Vacuum removes dead hair & rubber nubs keep them relaxed

  • Tidy up in Seconds

    Simple discharge & no mess with flying hair! 

  • Calming & Painfree
Emit soothing sound & protect delicate skin from snagging

  • Get rid of Ticks & Fleas
Stop harming insects from growing

  • Comfy Grab & Portable

    Ergonomic wireless design to reduce muscle strain

  • Wide Application

    Great on short, long & curly haired dog, cat, rabbit etc.


  1. Insert batteries into compartment.
  2. Turn on SHEDPal™ Pet Hair Vacuum.
  3. Massage pet’s body gently in a direction.
  4. Take out canister & eject dead hair.


  • Material: ABS, Rubber
  • Size: 19 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 280g
  • Compatibility: 3 pieces of Size 5 batteries


  • 1 x SHEDPal™ Pet Hair Vacuum