Sonic Face UpLifter

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Firm, lift, and revitalize your skin with our Sonic Face Uplifter from the comfort of your home!This all-round skincare device provides micro vibrational therapy to treat and improve skin condition. Thanks to the Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology that delivers deep facial massage with 10000 vibrations per minute, it helps to tighten fine lines, wrinkles and accelerate collagen renewal against aging.While using the Sonic Uplifter, it also assists with penetrating skincare products to your skin for better results! Suitable for all skin types, you can now amplify beneficial effects of your deep cleaning masks, moisturizing and anti-aging cream on your face, neck area, or body parts for younger, firmer skin!


  • Lift & firm facial muscles
    Delivers 10000 vibrations per minute to sculpt a firmer, slimmer facial contour.
  • Smooth & soften wrinkles, fine Lines
  • Accelerate detoxification¬†for better skin condition
  • Instantly boost¬†skincare penetration
    Better absorption ensures your skin is getting the essence to alleviate allergy, redness, and other skincare issues.
  • Cleanse & minimize pores
  • Lighten & reduce puffiness


    • Color: White, Gold, Pink, Red
    • Battery Based
    • Suggested Battery Model: CR2032
    • Suitable For All Skin Types


    • 1¬†x Sonic Face Uplifter