Thermal Dickey Collar

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The Secret to Layering Without Looking Bulky!

This thermal dickey collar is the best wardrobe essentials that everyone should own! It will let you look extra spruced and stylish in Seconds! 

These fake collars features no sleeves design, can nicely attach to your neck and shoulders, can be tucked inside a jacket, cardigan, coat, sweater and more without the discomfort and hassle of wearing too many layers.

These detachable collars are soft and come in different styles to choose from. They’re easy to insert under your clothes without looking obvious while staying on comfortably.

Wear them with all kinds of clothing for a whole new different look for any occasion! 


Layer Without Looking Bulky - Features detachable, windproof and sleeveless design. Absolutely bulk free for comfortable layering. 

Removable Collars - Features a pair of realistic buttoned collars that you can easily attach and remove on your outfit. 

Warming Collar - Provides full coverage to keep your neck and chest toasty warm in winter.

Comfortable to Wear - Breathable and elastic with good sweat absorption. With sleeveless design, never get sweat by over-layering! 

Easily Dress Up - This fake collar is convenient to wear and take off. Easy to pair with sweaters, dresses, uniforms, coats, jackets and other casual clothes to create your unique fashion.


  • Materials: Cotton/Velvet
  • Size:
    Neck: 42cm
    Shoulder: 31cm
    Chest: 27cm


1 x Thermal Dickey Collar