Ultimate Effortless Seafood Shears

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Avoid unnecessary time consuming seafood shelling with this Ultimate Seafood Shears! Takes less than a minute to unshell your seafood ingredients for greater and safer cooking!
A perfect crab scissors that is applicable to crack and cut crab, shrimp, lobster, crawfish, also can handle vegetables, fruits, and so on. Safe and ergonomically made with refined handles, supporting a powerful yet comfortable non-slip gripping handling.
A seafood shelling tool that is made for all seafood lovers! Dual purpose cracker and shearer that will save your time and effort, making many delicious seafood dishes.


• Quick & Easy Unshelling
Instantly prepares your seafood ingredients into fine serrations with its sharp, and sturdy blade, steadily hold food from moving while it is being cut, making the shelling easy to remove.
• 2-in-1 Cracker & Shearer
Dual-use for instant shell cracking and also ideally grips and opens small bottle lids. A perfect home and seafood restaurant kitchen tool!
• Mess-Free & Time-Saving
Packed to save your time preparing your ingredients in a mess-free way. Easy insert the tip and smoothly rock within a few seconds only!
• Ergonomic Safe Design
Makes your shelling less consuming and safe with its integrated comfortable handle grips, will remove your seafood claw without hurting your hands.
• Perfect Kitchen Tool for Seafood Dishes
All around seafood sheller that is ideally used for many dishes such deveining shrimp, prawns, crabs, crawfish, and many more.
• Easy to Use
Simply insert the cutting blade into the seafood opening, reposition the blade for best cutting space, and easily start cutting going from the top opening of the claw.
• Sturdy & Easily Disassemble For Thorough Cleaning
Stylish and ergonomic design that can easily be disassembled for a thorough cleaning and long time reusing! Durably cracks the hardest seafood shells! Rust-proof and can easily tear the shell with squeezing and exerting too much effort.  
• Multifunctional
A magnificent kitchen tool that is perfect to cut through hard shellfish. Flawlessly cut crab legs, lobsters, crawfish, shrimp, scampi, etc.

• Dimension: 20.5 cm X 7.8cm  X 1.5cm
• Color: Black, Red, Blue


• 1 PC x Ultimate Seafood Shears
• 2 PCS x Ultimate Seafood Shears