Ultra-Thin Foldable 3-IN-1 Fast Charging Cable

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Tired of waiting long to just charge your gadgets? These instant 3-in-1 charging cables will bring one multi-charger cord that will meet all your demands!
Perfect to charge your phone on any activities you like such as meeting, watching, gaming, driving, typing, when laying on sofa, bed, and so on!
Ensures a longer service life with its special strain relief design! Approved and withstand 10,000+ bending tests!

• 3 Cables for Universal Use
Has a multi-charging cable that is uniquely designed that brings you convenience and an easy sharing experience for your group!
• Auto Magnetic Lock
Giving a magnetic lock will securely establish a stable hold even when place on a bag or any space for a mess-free appearance!
• Fast Charging
Makes great charging power with its 2A feature! Used in just an hour for full-power electricity on your gadgets!
• Unbreakable Cord
Gives 5x strong structure that can withstand breakage even when pull or drag on your bag!

• Foldable for Easy Storing
Compactly made to store and carry for everyday use, traveling, important occasions, and more! Foldable for easy storing when not in use!

• Multifunctional
Made for your convenience, can easily charge all gadgets at once! Applicable for travels, online gaming, chatting, meeting, watching, and many more!
• Durably Made

Comes with a powerful military cords, flexible, strongest, and most durable material. Increases tension by 200% unlike other charging cables!

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• Ultra-Thin Foldable 3-IN-1 Fast Charging Cable  x 1pc