V-Chin Face Lifting Mask

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Reverse sagging skin without surgery!

Fight against aging and gravity, the V-chin Face Lifting Mask firms and lifts your skin for a more sculpted, youthful looking. It strengthens the facial contour support network by repairing damaged skin cells and deeply moisturizing your skin. You can now get rid of loose skin and reveal your own youthful V shape with our natural lifting mask!


  • V-Shaping Facial Lift
    Firms and lifts your skin to reverse sagging neck and jawline for a more sculpted looking.
  • Stretched To Fit
    Made from stretchable fibre, it fits your face shape perfectly just like second skin with ultimate comfort.
  • Overnight Facial Repair
    Nourishes and soothes your skin by repairing damaged collagen cells and restoring essential nutrients.
  • Reverse Sagging Skin & Double Chin
    Get rid of loose skin with overnight repair to reveal your youthful V-shape!
  • Strengthens Facial Contour Network
  • Natural Formula
    Infused with natural anti-aging agents and nutrients to firm your skin.


  • Size: 22cm x 12cm
  • Clean and dry your face before use. Then put on the mask to cover your face and chin around 30 minutes or wear it overnight for better results.


  • 1/2/4/5/10 x V-Chin Face Lifting Mask