Waterslide Decal Printing Kit

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üåàImpress your BAE with exclusive DIY gift and beautify home with Waterslide Decal Printing Kit easily!üç∫

😘To make unique design on glossy products like dinnerware, phone case & candle, simple tools will do.🎁

🏠This decal printing kit offers superior HD image & non-fading quality on surface, final product is water resistant too.🖌


  • Customise Exclusive Gift for One & Only
    Make DIY gifts like phone case & mug for BAE.

  • Beautify Home Living
    Why not decorate all kitchenware with our decal kit?
  • Simple Tools to Start with
    Totally prepared to make at home for beginners.
  • Superior HD Color & Image
    Sharpest & most colorful image made possible.

  • Non-Fading & Water Resistant
    Retain strongly on glossy object. Rinsing is OK~


  1. Print inkjet design on shiny side of decal paper.
  2. Coat printed paper evenly with clear spray for 3-4 times. (Optional)
  3. Cut image with scissors.
  4. Dip in room temp water for 30 secs.
  5. Glue object surface and slide out backing paper.
  6. Blow finished product with hair dryer for 3 mins.


  • Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Color: Transparent


  • 1 x Waterslide Decal Printing Kit (20 sheets)