Wood Graining DIY Tool Set

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Wood out of your budget? Paint the beauty of the real thing with our Wood Graining DIY Tool Set.
They're a great, cheap, and super easy faux finishing technique. Make any surface look like real wood! Showcase your vivid grainer effects on walls, tables, rails, concrete, fabric, etc. 
It is the secret on how to make a professional wood grain pattern. Use it to vamp up your porch or bedroom with rustic aesthetic using only paint! 



✔ Instant Faux Finishing Technique: Easily imitate wood on any kind of surface: walls, metal, concrete, fabric, etc.
✔ Comfortable handle: Soft & non-slip handle allows you to grip it comfortably as you work.
‚úî High Quality: Made of high quality rubber that's durable and will last a long time for any painter!
‚úî Beautiful Wood Patterns: Creates smooth & vibrant wood grain texture with multi-grain patterns.


  1. Apply first color, let dry
  2. Apply second color
  3. While still wet, slide along wood graining tools, create the effect


Material: Rubber
Style A Size:
6.4 x 7.2 cm (small); 6.4 x 15 cm (large)
Style B Size: 3 x 9 cm (small); 4 x 13 cm (large)


2 pcs x Wood Graining DIY Tool